Lot of 5 Disney Snowflake & Snowman Christmas Eeyores

Lot of 5 Disney Eeyore Plushes
The story of the Snowflake Pals:
Early one winter's morning, the Disney character family awoke and ventured out of their snug little homes to discover delicate,
wondrous snowflakes falling all around. And in the blink of an eye , one by one they all magically turned the most beautiful, shimmering shade of winter white.
Included in this auction is as follows:
12" Snowflake Eeyore (All white w/shimmering ears)
12" Snowflake Eeyore 2nd (All white w/blue hat & scarf)
12 " Snowflake Eeyore Disney store Exclusive(All white w/blue knit hat & snowflake sweater)
12 " Snowball Eeyore Disney store Exclusive(all white w/blue & white hooded fleece)
12" Eeyore Snowman Disney Store Exclusive (traditional Eeyore color w/ Hat, scarf & snowman fleece)
They are in great condition, they have been in storage.
Each Eeyore was originally purchased for around $20 each!!
Still have tags on.
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*****The shipping may come out a little less once we know the winning bidders zip code.*******