Lot of 55 Viewmaster reels. Various categories

Lot of 55 Viewmaster reels. All are in excellent condition except w noted:

B901 Seven Wonders of the World: includes all three reels one picture on reel 1 loose Cover is complete but coming apart

B496 City Beneath the Sea: all 3 reels

RP210 Americas Scenic Wonders reels 1-3, 5-6

1069 Looney Toons reels A, B, C

B614 Wild Animals of the World reels 1-3

4048 Sesame Street Visits The Farm reel A

4097 Sesame Street Circus Fun reels A, B, C

B615 Strange Animals reels 1, 3 RP104 Disney Favorites (Winnie-the-Pooh only)

3095 The Lion King reels A, B, C

RP217 Children's Fables reels 1, 3-7

RP223 The Magic Kingdom reels 1-6 reel 4 missing 4 frames and has writing on back

RP215 Disney Cartoon Favorites includes reels 1-6 R eel 6 missing one picture