LOT of 8 Coral Kingdom Mermaids by ENESCO (NR)

Up for auction is a whole LOT of 8 mermaid figurines made by ENESCO. The Coral Kingdom Collection featuring Shimmer Stone. Each figurine is in it's own original box. T was no COA papers with any of the mermaids when purchased. Each figurine retailed at the time for $45.00 a piece. Total price for all figurines would be $360.00. If you are interested in this lot and would like better pictures of the mermaids, please email me an email address and I will take more pics and send them to you. Also for shipping purposes, the package will weigh between 6 and 7 pounds.

Discription for each mermaid is from left to right in the picture.

1st mermaid is Athena. 1994 ENESCO Corp. Measures approx 3" wide at the widest place on the base and approx. 6" in height. Athena is sitting on top of a coral reef combing her hair with her hands. She also has a wreath of flowers in her hair.

2nd mermaid is Aria. 1993 ENESCO Corp. Measures approx 5" from side view from base of tail to tip of shell and 6" in height. Aria is playing a shell, has a coral plant wrapped around her with a starfish in her hair.

3rd mermaid is Sabrina. 1994 ENESCO Corp. Measures approx. 3" wide and 6" in height. Sabrina is playing with a sea turtle on her shoulder. She also has a flower in her hair.

4th mermaid is Allyris. 1993 ENESCO Corp.
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