These are all tight with strong springs..#1 is marked "Towika"?(not sure of "T") Made in Ireland, handle is 3 3/4" long, not sure what handle is made of, Blade is 2 5/8". Nice edge, an unusual "multi-knife" #2 says "Boker" U.S.A. on one side of blade, and has a tree and the number 9229 on other side. Handle is 3 3/4" long, lg. blade is 2 7/8" screwdriver, which locks in place, is same length. Never been sharpened, this knife is near mint!! #3 "Firemans Knife" is made by colonial. The handle (bakelite?)is inlaid with a firemans axe, with the letters"F.D." in a circle in the center of axe handle (as shown in pic.) Handle is 3 3/4", hooked blade is 2 1/2" Screwdriver is 2 5/8", and locks in place. T is a small discolored spot on both blades. never been sharpened. #4 is a big old bone handled knife, has a bullet stamped on one side of blade, and Pakistan and the number 1304 on the other. Handle is 5", lg. blade is 4" sm. blade 2 1/8". some discoloration on blades and bolsters, but no rust. very nice edges! Bone handle has no cracks. #5 is a Robeson "Shur-Edge", Rochester, N.Y. (stamped on blade) Words "Pocket-Eze on inlaid metal plaque. Handle is 3 1/4", lg. blade is 2 3/16" sm. blade is 1 5/8". Very minor scratches on blades, almost not worth mentioning! Nice edges, nice knife! #6 is a sterling silver and mother of pearl gentlemans ... read more