Lot of 88 DC Comics-Justice League America

I want to start by giving a short history on this comics. They are from my sons collection and have only come to be mine because of my sons passing 2 years ago. They have just been sitting with me and are really of no use or enjoyment to me. My hope is they can be bid on by someone who will really enjoy them. So this is why they are on e-bay. My reason for telling you this is I have very little comic book knowledge as I did not collect these. So if I leave out important information please feel free to e-mail and ask all the questions you may need answered. I will do all I can to get you the info you are looking for. So goes: What you are bidding on is a collection of DC Justice League America comics from 1989-1995, issue #0, #26 thru #69, 2 issues of #70 and 2 issues of #71, #72 thru #105. Annuals #4 thru #8. For a grand total of 88 comics. Most if not all are bagged and some also have the board. They are in very good condition as they probably were only read once and I know care was taken to do that. Happy bidding and good luck!