Lot of 9 USAF Military Patch ZAPS (Stickers) - New-Rare

You are looking at a lot of 9 Air Force patch ZAPs (stickers). Some of these are extremely rare and hard to find. The oldest and largest ZAP (5 inch diameter) is from the 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron in 1984, the oldest squadron in the Air Force when they flew the F-15C. This squadron now flies the newest Air Force Fighter Aircraft, the F-22 Raptor! ZAPs include: 3 From 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron (5 inch, 3 inch & 2 inch)

T are two ZAPs (4 inch & 3.5 inches long) from the 479th Flying Training Group at Moody AFB. These ZAPs represent the wing patch. This unit is now deactivated so these ZAPs are hard-to-find.

Other ZAPs are from the 99th Flying Training Squadron, 494th Fighter Squadron "Black Panthers," and an Enhance Paveway Weapon ZAP. The final ZAP is from the 9th Fighter Squadron "Flying Knights." This squadron used to fly the F-117 Stealth Fighters which are now retired.

These ZAPs would make a great addition to an collection.