Lot Of ANTIQUE Negro DOLLS Black Americana PICANINNY

's another fine loy lot of very old black baby dolls and picaninnys. Six of them are porcelain and marked JAPAN on the back, they are about 2.5" - 2.75", two of these have damage. One has a chip on the front of her foot, the other has a chunk out of the front of a foot. All of these babies appear to have been played with, they are not new. The other two are made out of a composition like material. They are a little bigger, 3.5" - 3.75". They are in good condition depite some visible wear.

Buyer pays $6.95 for Priority shipping anyw in the U.S.

I recently inherited an entire truckload of antiques and collectibles. Yes, I said truckload and I'm not talking about a pickup truck. I have well over 150 cartons that we are in the process of going through. Dolls, toys, figurines, photos, old buttons, medals, marbles, etc... Ebay is going to be my avenue for liquidating all of these treasures. T's just so much stuff I'll be listing plenty of lots with numerous items. So, stop back frequently and get yourself a deal.