Lot of Christian Falwell videos & collectible coins

Jerry Falwell Ministries Presents Biblical Journeys Video Library and collectible coins

This set includes The Prophecy Series of Medallions, 6 collectable coins (not sure what the coins are made from but looks like bronze) and a coin holder. The coins are in perfect condition.

1 VHS; The Second Coming of Christ

18 DVD's:

The Rapture

The Antichrist

The Great Tribulation

Old Time Gospel Hour -How I know T is a God

Old Time Gospel Hour - The Payes of Your Life

Pulpit Classics -How To Stand On Your Feet In These Slippery Times

Pulpit Classics - Prepare to Meet Thy God

Pulpit Classics - The Supreme Task of the Church

Pulpit Classics - The Hogpen Trail

Pulpit Classics - Gods Three Deadlines

Book of Proverbs -vol. 1 - 3

Book of Daniel

Panorama of Prophecey

Final Signs - vol. 1 - 3