Lot of over 30 Magic Tricks and smaller Props

Lot of over 30 Magic Tricks and smaller Props Some newer effects and some old Conditions run from Excellent to Fair and some do not have Instructions Auction starts at $1 and Shipping is $10 ($15 to Canada) Also note the things in the upper background are not included, just the Magic stuff on the towel!! Thanks on that note. Not knowing the Final Value, I will pay to insure it and will also refund any lesser difference in shipping. I ship USPS Priority w/Confirmation Now for the Goodies!! T are a Pair of D'Lite Fingertips, Lights behind the ears (both RED) and a Video for D'lites not shown in photos UFO Dice Cigarette thru a Card (2 of these) Older Plastic Cups & Balls Ex-Large(Long) Thumb Tip 2 Card Monte Stage Size "Sidewalk Shuffle"(as seen done by Doug Henning) Older Nickles to Dimes Himalayan Hot Coins 2 Decks of Gaffed Cards(1 Poker size and 1 Bridge Size)(Dbl Facers, Dbl Backs, Blanks, etc) BrainWave Deck(Bridge Size) Locked Deck(Needs a 2 of Clubs to complete) Magic Light Bulb Paddlemania 2 Decks of "RainBow" Cards(no instructions) Switching Wallet(?) What's Next(needs cleaned) Phantom Folder Packet of several older type number tricks called "Trix's Magic Trick" Older Metal Finger Chopper 3 Walnut Shells(no pea) Then an assortment of silks(not the best), old Crystal Silk Tube(faded), set of Small Linking Rings(need cleaned) ... read more