Lot of Porsgrund Norway Farmers Rose China

Lot of Porsgrund Norway Farmers Rose China

This is a bit of odds and ends of this very nice pattern. I had a bigger set and sold most of it, and don't really remember why I still have this odd lot of items, but it is going to be auctioned as a group. Several different shapes, plus different markings. As you can see t are a lot of extra saucers, and a few other items. Unless noted, these are in excellent condition. T are a very few utensil scrapes on some items, and the gold has a few places w it is worn off otherwise excellent condition, unless noted below: All measurements are approximate. The mark number is the year the item was made.

1 small coupe bowl; 5 7/8" across, 1 1/2" deep, mark-73

2 coupe plates; 9 1/4" across, 1" deep, mark-72 on each

1 demitasse modern shape; 2 7/8" across, not including handle, 2 7/8" high, mark-60 I just noticed, this has a very tiny chip on the rim. Will send if you want it, but otherwise I will trash it.

1 demitasse fluted shape; 3 1/4" across, not including handle, 2" high, mark-66

1 large cup modern shape; 3 7/8" across, not including handle, 2 7/8" high, very minor factory flaw on rim, mark with no year

3 demi saucers; 5 3/8" across, mark-64 on one, the other two have mark with no year

1 demi saucer, fluted: 5 1/4" across mark with no

8 regular saucers; 5 7/8", 1" deep, marks - 69, 66, and the year 63 is on 6 of them

and now for the boring stuff

I accept PayPal, money orders, personal checks and cashiers checks as long as it is in US dollars! However, I hold shipment for anything except PayPal and US/International Postal Money Orders. This is to be certain that t is no counterfeit payment problem. All other payments, hold is for 10 business days(sorry). PayPal Never a handling fee. Payment expected within 7 days. If you are outside of the USA, please use PayPal for payment. If this is not possible, please contact me before bidding for approval of your payment method.

This will cost $18 packing and shipping to anyplace in the USA -

Note: I actually have a life outside of ebay, and have discovered that I have to limit my shipping to one or two days a week, or nothing else gets done. Tfore, sometimes t will be a delay in shipment if you pay just after my last shipping run. I am sorry that I can't always ship immediately after payment, but I hope you understand that this helps life run smoother. If t is an immediate need for shipment, please LET ME KNOW, and I will endeavor to get it out asap, but please don't ask unless it is important. Insurance is always included.


The US Post Office has changed a lot of things starting mid-May, 2007, and in general, this means that the cost of shipping anything outside of Canada has become amazingly expensive. Not as bad as FedEx, but pretty horrible. They have eliminated slow, cheap surface Parcel Post, so most everything is by air.

I will try to quote international postage, but I do not have a good scale for heavy items (just about anything over 4 pounds), plus I don't know how much the packing materials will add to the weight until it is packed. In the past, I didn't worry if I was a little under or over, I just estimated, and if I was off, sometimes I paid more than it cost, sometimes I didn't. However, now the amount over or under my estimate could be more significant. Tfore, if you want a shipping cost, you need to know that it is an estimate based on what I think it will weigh, and if I am wrong, I may have to request the balance of what I actually paid AFTER it is shipped.

On the other hand, I will now be refunding overage on International shipping, if my costs (including packing at a professional shipping depot) turn out to be lower than the estimate. I will email you a copy of my receipt if you want, but from now on, International shipping quotes are ESTIMATES. I am just not set up to figure out the actual shipping costs until it is packed and in the mail.

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