Lot of Rare Vintage Pocket Pets w Box n Display Case

These Pocket Pets are truly adorable, handmade treasures from Austria. Created by Ara Jeretzian in Vienna from the 1950's thru the 1970's. Made of natural wool, airbrushed and in their rare, original display box. 18 individual display boxes 14 of which have their original clear plastic covers. 10 of the boxes contain not just one Pocket Pet but an actual family. The little creatures themselves are in excellent condition while the display box does show several signs of wear around the edges. The display box is dated 1971 and the back of each individual box is hand numbered! and says the following "You are now the proud owber of an original "Pocket Pet"-hand made with loving care, just for you in far away Austria. Start your own collection now! You'll want to own all of them! Write for a free catalogue. A.J. Ferber Co., Inc. Dept. 100 Box #1777 Atlantic City, N.J. Designed by Ara jeretzian of Vienna". With this one item you will have the whole collection, total of 29 Pocket Pets ranging in size from 7/8" to 2.75".Full list of creature species: Wart Hog; Panda Bear; Mother and baby black poodle; Elephant w/rhinestone crown; Mother and baby mouse; Owl; Mother w/baby boy & girl dog; Mother and baby daschund dog; Terrier dog; Mother & baby cow; Koala bear; Pig; Mother & baby black cat; Mother & baby bunny; Mother & ... read more