Vintage Smurf Collection

Items dated 1972 through 1980's

This vintage lot of Smurfs is a great collectors find. T are 48 different Smurfs, 2 Smurf toothbrush cups, a Smurf lunchbox and thermos, Smurf key chain, Smurf wind-up toy, Smurf school bus, Smurf trapeze toy, and a Smurf doll. All these items are in used played-with condition.

As for the Smurf figures, I don't see any broken or missing pieces, but please check out the pictures and ask questions. The marked dates range from 1972 through the 1980's, and they have various markings including Schleigh, Peyo, and W. Berrie. The most unusual one to me is "Gargamel" with a lab glass. He doesn't look like a Smurf but is listed in the Smurf reference guide.

The 1980's lunchbox & thermos are made by King -Seeley Thermos, and are in nice clean condition. The graphics are clear on both pieces, and the thermos has it's cup and stopper. The handle is intact on the lunchbox. The reference guide values the lunchbox at $20-30 and the thermos at $15-20.

The 2 Smurf cups are part of a toothbrush set, Circa 1982. They are made by Deka Plastics, Elizabeth N.J. The graphics are good on both of them.

The Smurf doll is about 22 inches long, appears to be hand made and is in good condtion; clean and no tears.

The Smurf key chain in
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