I love jewelry and have collected great old pieces as well as new unique pieces over the years. This is a lot of assorted pieces. Many of them are in need of repair. Some are in perfect shape. I will let you know. However, they can be used for costumes, to dress up clothing, or as material to repair some of your old jewelry.

On the right are 3 strands of pearls. One is in perfect shape, one needs to be attached on one side to a clasp, and one is t to be used any way you want.

On the top row is a unique pin with beads coming from a gold tone bow like tassels. One of the stone fringes is missing, but you can't really see it. Then, t is a multicolored stone piece that could be made into a pin. The next on the row are stone and pearl flowers that are already made into earrings or pins. The next, the Rhinestone circles, are buttons, on the right are pairs of earrings that are in great shape.

Row 3 has stone pins, red and black in paisley shape. The Rhinestone petals like pieces are buttons. Rhinestone dress clips are next, then hanging earrings.

Next row: a pearl circle pin, then rhinestone earrings, (screw back) Then, dangling parts of chandelier earrings. The next piece is a rhinestone buckle. Then, assorted dress clips. (Green stone and red stone clips are missing clip backs.

The next row
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