LOT OF OVER 14000 Vacations/TRAVEL ,family ,SUPERBOWL 35mm SLIDES 1970's-1990's

LOT OF OVER 14000 Vacations/travel, family, 35mm SLIDES FROM 1970's-1990's. I am selling them for a friend. They were his ancle's. He had no kids and a lot of money all he did was travel. About 60% of them are from the 70's .There are about 300-400 of family / parties. and the rest are travel. Some of the place/counties are . The Amazon, Hawaii, Catanley islands in the 1970"s, Egypt 1970's, Arrowhead, San juan, Middle east, Death Valley, Super Bowl 1976, AMAZON RIVER CRUISES. Indonesia. Europe, Churches, Alaska, Africa, Asia. Hong Kong On trains, America , and a lot more places I do not Know.These are well shot and are great to look at the. All the boxes are packed like the 4 you see in the first picture. Please e-mail if you have any question or need more pictures. The total weigh of all the slides is 48 Pounds