Lot of over 200 Subbuteo L/W Lightweight Players and Teams

Up for auction here are well over 200 Lightweight Subbuteo figures.Thet are from teams including Sheffield Wednesday,AC Milan,Holland,Manchester United,West Ham,Burnley,Brazil,Coventry,Southampton,Italy,France,Hibernian,Portugal,England,Luton and many many more that i cannot identify two of which are a team with a full olive kit and another with purple shirts and black shorts.Most are on bases but many are without bases and there are a tiny amount of broken ones.I am sure someone will find a use for them.Good Luck.

** I have said Sheffield Wednesday but all the players are coloured so i guess this is actually an International or Foreign team ** ALL OF THESE FIGURES ARE FROM THE VERY EARLY DAYS OF LIGHTWEIGHTS - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED - I CAN ASSURE YOU.