Lot Pentium Pro, Intel and AMD ceramic, Pentium 3 /4 MMX Slot CPU gold recovery

Listing is for a Lot of CPUs + Free Box of big socket Main boards and big slot cards. Most all have all pins intact with straight pins, some have bent pins and 1 ceramic CPU have a few missing pins. 4 Big Pentium Pros have all pins intact with 2 having bent pins. This is a quick glance and is not guarantee accurate.
This is all NON working, sold for collectors and gold scrap recovery and is being sold AS IS
Listing Include: 91 CPUs, 3 CPU slot adapter and 3 memory module *21 Green Back Pentium and Celeron CPU *4 Pentium 4 small Green Back CPU *5 Slot Pentium CPU and 3 Slot CPU adapter (Note: Pentium 3 slot CPU with black heatsink have high probability of still working as we just pull out of a system) *8 Pentium MMX Black CPU *4 Pentium Pro big gold cap and 1 Pentium Pro small gold cap front and back *4 Intel gold cap and 1 Cyrix gold cap *43 Ceramic CPU consisting of 21 AMD, 20 Intel, 1 Texas Instrument, 1 Cyrix *3 Old memory module Total weight of socket CPU and memory module 4 LBS 8.6 ounce + 1 LBS 4 ounce Slot CPU and Adapter, Total weight all CPUs and memory modules 5 LBS 12.4 Ounce
Free 11LBS 15 Ounce Box of Old Big Socket Mainboards and Slot cards (weight include the box)