LOT of Plasticville Model RR Train Accessories VINTAGE

Please understand that everything you see pictured EXCEPT THE SWITCH TOWER is part of this auction lot. The TOWER WILL BE LISTED SEPARATELY shortly, after I ascertain if I have the box or not. But it serves to give these items scale...THE SWITCH TOWER IS NOT PART OF THIS LOT.
This Lot contains: 1) 25 Sections of White Fence, O scale; 2) 4 Sections of Brown Fence, O scale; 3) 3 Spruce Trees, O scale; 4) 5 Billboards & 12 Billboard Signs, O scale; 5) 1 Double Outhouse, probably HO scale; 6) I Water Well Pump, also believed HO scale; 7) 1 Fireplace, also believed to be HO scale; 8) 11 Telegraph/Utility Poles, O scale; 9) 2 Street Lamps that wire up and light, O scale; 10) 1 red Hasbro Toy Truck, function not known but fits with O scale; 11) 1 Pink Hudson from the fifties, O scale(?), Made in USA by 'Renwal;' 12) 10 (count 'em! I must have had a thing for 1958 T-Birds when I was a kid!) 1958 Ford Thunderbirds, made by F & F Mold, Dayton, Ohio, USA...scale probably O. All of these items are believed to be 1950's vintage as they were mine as a child. And finally, as a bonus (because I want to get them gone!) the winning bidder will also get 14 1/72 scale (fits with HO) WWII British 8th Army Soldiers, made in Italy by ESCI; that would be the total surviving number from a box of originally 50. AWOL maybe? :-) There are three
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