A lot of D.Porthault, 6 Napkins, 5 Hand Towels, 2 Cocktail, 6 Pratesi Napkins.

An assortment of Vintage D.Porthault and Pratesi.
6 D.Porthault Pink Carnations some staining on a few of the napkins. (2) not too bad useable. 5 D.Porthault hand towels, all good condition. 2 cocktail napkins, a little stain on one. 6 Pratesi Napkins, light staining on a few. 6 Pratesi placemats that are the same pattern as napkins. These are Vintage and some are stained. None are too bad. I am pricing to sell all 25 pieces. The last of my collection for sale. I see I have sold over D.Porthault pieces here. There are no returns. Selling as is. Thank you.