Lot of 3 Silver Age Laugh Comics Archie Reggie Betty Veronica Jughead

This auction is for 3 Laugh comics. All are in very nice condition. Includes #134 May 1962, #180 March 1966 and #126 Sept 1961.

The comic books I am listing come from a private collection. Most of them are from the Golden or Silver Age. The condition of these books vary from Poor to Fine. I am not a dealer or collector so I am not going to attempt to grade these books.

I will attempt to show you the condition of each book thru multiple scans. I think a scan will be more accurate since a photo can be easily manipulated.

All scans are the actual books offered for sale.

I will try my best to describe the condition of each book and if any pages are missing or damaged. I will ship all orders out within 72 hours after receiving payment unless combined shipping is requested. I use Priority mail because it's fast, has USPS tracking and insurance is included.

I encase the books between two pieces of cardboard for added protection. The books are also bagged with a backboard.

I will combine multiple orders to save on the postage fees. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are bidding on another item and I will gladly hold one or more orders for you. I am not a dealer who does this for a living. I will work with my customers as much as I can, the way I would like to be treated. I understand everyone
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