Lot of Silver Coins-$5.00 Face Value of 40% Silver and Proof Coins, Buffalo, Etc

Here we have a 40% silver Lot of Coins-$5.00 Face Value of 10 Kennedy Halfs mixed dates. 2-Proof Kennedy halfs-a Centenial Proof and a 1980. 2-Ike Dollars-1972 and 1974, 2-Proof Quarters-1-1973 and a 1973-s, 2-Proof Roosevelt Dimes-1981-s and a 1985, 2-proof 2000-s washington nickles, 1-1868 Shield Nickle, and 6 Buffalo Nickles-5-1935 and a 1936. all nice coins. mixed caliper of coins from good to Uncirculated B/U Coins and Proof Coins. judge for yourself cause theres plenty of pictures. starting a 24 Hour Auction at $.99cents and no reserve. review my feedback, look at the pictures and .