US Lot of 8 Silver Coins 1850-1968

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL THE ISSUES IN THIS DESCRIPTION, MAINLY ABOUT THE SHIPPING TIME DESCRIPTION: US Lot of 8 Silver Coins 1850-1968 Lot Includes Dime 1850Dime 1903 Dime 1944 Dime 1946 Dime 1964 Quarter 1956 Quarter 1964 Half 1968 About the grade

I'm not an expert in grading so please take a look to the picture and make your own judgment. All items are sold as is (no returns), I will gladly provide any additional info and more detailed picture if you require.

I will only consider returns in case I post the item in a specific condition (VF, XF, UNC, etc) and once the buyer receive the item, he or she does not agree with condition I stated. In this case I will refund all the money including shipping once the item is returned to me. No partial refunds are offered.

Buyer is free to proceed with any claim through eBay or Paypal if she/he disagrees with condition I stated once receive the item. However I will be more than glad to provide a very detail scan of any item I am offering and also to provide a very detailed description of it.

About the payment

Due to very bad previous experiences and in order to provide all the security and reliability to the buyers now I AM ONLY ACCEPTING PAYPAL from all Non Costa Rican buyers, this is with NO EXCEPTIONS, so please do not bid if you are not able to pay
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