Lot of Six NEW Mary Engelbreit Fridge Magnets 6 Different Inspiring Messages

Still sealed, never opened, here is a lot of six 3¼" round magnets designed by Mary Engelbreit . Colorful and eye-catching, these are fun and inspirational magnets so put them on the refrigerator or office file cabinet for everyone to see. Magnets include:
Success Consists of Getting Up Once Oftener Than You Fall Down - It shows a young girl with her fair share of bumps and bruises. Despite her skinned knees and scraped hands, she is determined to learn how to roller skate.
The Princess of Quite-a-Lot - It shows a pampered young girl sitting in her chair as if it were her throne. A servant monkey brings her favorite snacks. Terrific magnet for a favorite spoiled girl who can put it inside her school locker.
Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies - It shows a young girl with a basket full of fresh cherries. She walks in to find the armchair loaded with stacks of empty bowls. At her foot is a kitty cat hoping to find milk in one of the bowls.
Don't Let Success Go to Your Head or Failure Go to Your Heart - It shows a young boy and girl who have been fishing off the lake dock. The boy got skunked while the girl caught several fish.
Snap Out of It - It shows a young girl with her hands on her hips and a wide brimmed hat. Her facial expression demands a reality check. This is for the one who has her feet firmly on
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