LOT sound powered DYNALEC phones (2) US Navy cradles (2) line vintage with plugs

Bid is for a lot of 5 items, all US Navy. 2 sound powered phones, 2 cradles and at least 30 feet of line cord with both brass plugs intact. . Phones are in normal condition after years of shipboard use. One has a plug, one not. Both have cords. Both are DYNALEC type H-203/U, pushbuttons work fine. Both have turret type mouthpieces. . Cradles are painted, 1 is HOSE-McCann, the other is DAY-O-LITE. Both have their brass springs. The DAY-O-LITE is brass. Other magnetic. . The 3 brass plugs are S-74211, very hard to find and in excellent condition. I cannot test these items. . The cord is stiff due to age but pliable, covered with scale from years in storage.
Payment by PAYPAL only and shipping within the USA only. Thanks