Lot of 8 Star Wars action figures Clone Wars & DarkTrooper 30 Saga sealed new

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8 Star Wars figures in 8 sealed packages. This is the CLONE WARS group along with a DARKTROOPER from Saga Legends. I'm GOING NUTZ with listing Star Wars figs today. If you're into this stuff, you'll want to please check out my other listings also. Do please check out the pics closely for exact condition...as, occasionally you'll find bend or corner or edge wear or scuffs on these and in some cases you'll find price tags from original vendors or resellers..yet in other cases they'll be really sweet conditionwise. These come from different collectors and then at times we feature these in our retail environment for a time. Some of these sat in bins in the back (climate controlled) for a several years. You get the idea. I tried to mix it up in the next several listings. :-)

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