Lot of Strawberry Shortcake & Friends Scented 3" inch Mini Dolls + toys Hasbro

Mixed Lot of Strawberry Shortcake and friends 3 inch figures , small dolls plus toys

Pre-owned GOOD and CLEAN condition

Toys include:

6 (2008) scented mini figures (moveable arms/legs) 3 different strawberry shortcake and 3 friends. *please note Strawberry with green and white striped legs has some very light green around her eyes (looks like paint rub) and does not affect the quality of the figure. They are all very cute.

There is also a Strawberry Shortcakes car also dated 2008 and fits up to two of the figures.

4 plastic McDonalds toys (1 strawberry and 3 friends) approx. 3-4 inches tall

1 (2008) American Greetings / Hasbro nylon fabric soft Strawberry Shortcake doll with plastic head and strawberry hair. (approx. 6 inches tall)

3 plastic Strawberry Shortcake friends type dolls. Cherry has pink hair is dated 2008 TCFC . She only has a top with a cherry on it (sorry no bottom pant/skirt/short and no shoes). She is approx. 7 inch. The Grape doll is wearing a hat, skirt and top (sorry no shoes). dated 2008 and is approx. 7 inches tall. The green stripe in her hair is longer than the rest of her purple hair so not sure if cut or supposed to be that way. The last doll is Hasbro / TCFC 2008 and may be mixed berry/blueberry. She has the strawberry logo on her foot (sorry no shoes). These
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