Lot of Three (3) OAK Vintage 60's-70's Candy / Toy Capsule Machines-1,5,10 Cents

You are looking at a Lot of THREE (3) Oak Vintage (60's-70's) Candy / Toy Capsule Machines. One machine takes a penny (1 Cent), one machine takes a nickel (5 Cents) and the third takes a dime (10 Cents). These machines have a metal body and lid. The candy box is metal with three plastic panel inserts. The front insert on all three machines is a new acrylic insert. The coin mechanisms on all three machines work. The machines all have a screw down top that can be opened with any regular flathead screwdriver.

These machines show thier age and have thier share of rust, grime, scrapes, scratches and dings. These machines are ready for a great restoration project or for parts.

Dimensions: 16" Tall X 6" Wide. The candy box is 9" X 6".

Thanks for looking.