Lot~7 TJ BEARYTALES Books & 5 Cartridges

Lot~ 7 TJ Bearytales books and 5 cartridges.
1. My Baby Sister and Me w/ cartridge (daughter scribbled on first page doesn't affect it)
2. My Visit to the Doctor w/ cartridge
3. My Beary First Day of School w/ cartridge
4. Bear Ahoy! My Pirate Adventure w/ cartridge
5. Super TJ to the Rescue w/ cartridge
6. My Big Birthday Surprise no cartridge
7. My Bear-riffic Safari Adventure
The camera that goes with safari adventure is floating around my house somewhere if I come across it it will also be included in the auction.
Great used set my daughter loved TJ Bearytales. Unfortunately he broke and she outgrew it so I didn't replace it.

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