Lot of 3***Tom Clark Gnomes***Jennie-R #28 Signed***Eddie-R #83***Lilibet-R #93

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Thomas F Clark is the lead artist for Cairn Studio, Ltd. He is the most well-known artist in America today, world renowned for his charming clay sculptures, he is the most prolific and talented sculptor in the figurine industry. He creates a wide variety of statues, from imaginative gnomes and woodspirits, to various rendition of people from all walks of life, including great people in history. The irresistibly human expressions of his Woodspirits, Mountaineers, and Seafaring characters have captured the fancy of collectors throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia (especially Japan!). Dr. Clark and Cairn Studios have been commissioned to create artworks for a wide variety of businesses and organizations, including The Easter Seal Society, various NASCAR drivers, Lance Corporation, The Boy Scounts of America, The Cub Scouts of America, The National Shriners and Mason Charities, Xerox Corporation, Hospice, QVC, Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, We're Hear for You, Michigan State, and many, many others. A unique aspect of Tom Clark gnomes is that there is a real coin (from somewhere around the world) on the figure. It has significance to the story of each gnome. "Jennie's" Story: "Jennie" is "Pokey's" wife
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