lot of 4 transformers Target exclusive Bumblebee, skids, jolt, mudflap

you are bidding on 4 transformers. these transformers are dark of the moon Deluxe class Skids, Deluxe class Mudflap, Deluxe class Jolt, and Deluxe class Target exclusive Bumblebee.

they are in very good condition and are coming from my personal collection. i hope they go to someone else's collection. the Skids has been modified by me for better articulation. i made it possible for his knees to move like normal knees. but they don't go very far. THIS MODIFICATION DOES NOT HINDER HIS TRANSFORMATION AND IT ONLY IMPROVES HIS FLEXIBILITY! all of their weapons are included. The bumblebee of course did not come with one. you must pay as soon as you buy them. and i take paypal. i want these to sell, i do not want them! also there are pictures of the modification i did on skids. the actual mod, and then the knees bending. so if you want a DOTM skids with knees look no further than this auction!