Lot vintage Baseball Cards - Mostly late 50's to early 60's - Private Collection

Up for auction is a lot of vintage baseball cards. Our neighbor's husband passed away and this was his collection. I, personally, know nothing about baseball cards whatsoever! Most are late 50's to early 60's from what I have been able to gather. These are sold as is... widow just asked us to help her sell them. I prefer to sell as a lot because it will be less hassle in my opinion! The buy it now price is what the widow asked if we could get for her so that is why it is set to what it is. We will not look through them to see if there is a certain card, so please do not even ask. There are at least a couple hundred cards in the box- please note that is an estimated number ( a guess)! The entire box weighs 2 lbs. 3.1 oz. Shipping is calculated through USPS based off the buyer's address. Please give us 2-3 days to ship with it being the holiday season. Return is not accepted under any circumstances for this listing! So good luck and !