Lot of Vintage Bottles You Pick!

My mother-in-law gave myson a couple of totes of old bottle to help him fund his out of state trip. These bottles were cleaned out of my mother-in-law’s aunt’s house and since we are trying to sell these fast they will need to be cleaned when you get them.

Here’s the deal, the first people to jump at this get the better ones. You get to pick 10 bottles. I will post this as a “Buy it Now” several times, but I will only do it as 1 (one) available at a time so that I get the list updated and the next person chooses their 10 bottles. (This is a second listing)

I have tried to describe them the best I can, the measurement (height) are approximate and I have indicated if it has a lid. The bottles are clear glass except where indicated by color. I will ship in the USA only due to the different sizes of the bottles and the different scenarios for shipping cost, I will set the shipping at $15.00. If the cost of shipping is less, I will refund the difference. Insurance can be added for $1.75 to the shipping.

List of Vintage Bottles

Blue Milk of Magnesia

1-9 in

1-9 in larger mouth

1-9 1/2 in

3-JR Walkins

1-6 in. Creomulsion for cough & cold

1-6 in. Rawleigh

1-6 in Rawleigh w/label lemon extract w/lid

1-6 in. Green round bottom says “Green Mint”

1-Amber Hine
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