Lot of Vintage brooches

Lot of 21 vintage necklaces;
These were part of my old great aunt's jewellery collection, I'm not entirely sure of their individual ages - They could have been originally purchased any time from the 1920's through to the 90's (although, probably not as last as the 90's, as she didn't do much jewellery shopping in the last decade or so of her life).
Due to their age, their may be some slight damage/signs of wear - please refer to photos for condition:
Please take a look at my other auctions (and keep an eye on future listings), I've decided I need to redecorate my bedroom, but before I can start on that - I need stop hoarding and have a mass clear-out and the mountains of treasures I've acquired over the years, so I'm listing lots of jewellery, beads & watches.
Due to being messed around by non-payers, I've tightened up my 'buyer requirements' which means some ebayers will not be able to bid on my auctions; I have blocked ebayers who:
> Do not have a PayPal account
> Have policy breech reports & unpaid items recorded
> Have a feedback score of 5 or lower - and do not have a credit card on file
If you are a genuine ebayer that would like to bid, but think my exclusions may effect you, please contact me as I can maybe add you to the exemption list.
The small print!: Please
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