Lot of Vintage Elongated Coins Pennies Nickels Dimes Plus LOT RB-7

This a lot of pressed, smashed, rolled, elongated coins from a local estate...lot includes pennies copper and zinc clad, dimes, nickels, and novelties. There are errors also found as I count them out. Coins are loose, in 2x2 coin holders, plastic holders and in envelopes....some times as a single or as a lot...may be all the same or mixed. There are sorts of subjects...political, space, historical, military, religious, and other subjects. Most are 1960's to 1970's...I didn't sort them out but what I saw was this time period. Also included some cool items that were personal I am no expert on these. This is what I do know about this collection. Most of it was bought from a local man who made the machines and dies to made the elongated cents. If I recall he had a good reputation and was known in the elongated cent world. The coins are in coffee cans, boxes and bags. Some of the lots were brought into the shop by customers selling their collections but the bulk of the coins we will be listing is from the local dealer. Also found dies from this man and I'll be listing those...hope there is interest! I'm thinking these were coins he may have made as he developed a die as well as sold to collectors. I so wish I had paid more attention to the provenance when it was explained to me years ago so I could offer finer details. The lots were

This lot includes two baggies each with 100 loose coins, 20 coins in 2x2 cardboard holders and then found in envelopes - 4 Locomotive; 6 Yankee Doodle Dandy George M Cohan; 12 Cradle of Liberty; 2 memory of Robert Kennedy; 2 misc; in envelope 2 2x2 9 loose JFK and an envelope regards a thank you for an order and enclosed was a special EL made for daughter's wedding.

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