Lot of 2 Vintage Family Photo Albums 1914 and 1930's

This auction is for 2 family photo albums from the same family. Albums are from 1914 and 1930's (1) this is the album with Snap-Shots on the front and contains 119 photos and several of the photos have handwritten on them 1914. The photos are of people outdoors with scenes from swimming and and around the outside of the house. Some of the pages are loose from the album. (2) This album is in poor condition. picture number 3 shows how the front cover of the album is completely loose from the album and the paper that the pictures are attached too is in poor condition. The album contains 80 photos from trip to New York, DC and Flordia. This pictures are dated 1938,1939,1940. I accept Paypal and shipping is free on this auction. Thanks for your interest in this auction.