Lot of Vintage Halloween Cutouts and Masks

Lot of vintage Halloween items I picked up at an estate sale. I only wanted one item out of it that I remember by grandma having when I was young... the rest is up for auction! There are 2 masks, not in the best condition. The rubber band strap is broken on both. They have cracks and are dusty. I'm not going to try and clean them because I'll wind up breaking them more. They are the thin plastic and its getting brittle. The one that looks like a clown face has a chunk missing out of the chin. I don't see any names or dates on them to know for sure how old they are. There are also approximately 10 paper cut-out decorations - cats, skeletons, etc. and a turkey for thanksgiving. A couple of them are the tissue paper type that fold out - although I did NOT open them up to see their condition. Buyer to pay S&H of $10 to the lower 48 states.