Lot of 3 Vintage Jewelry Trinket Jewelry Box w/ Secret Compartment Glass Mirror

Hungarian Puzzle Secret Box for Jewelry - Handmade

Zozo Opens his first secret box - Enjoy!

"It looks like an innocent and solidly-locked box on the outside, but when you play around with it, you realize that there is more to it. A puzzle box of coz. And when you open it slowly, you discover that it is brilliantly designed. So cool and interesting!
And one of the things I like about the box other than the puzzle and the woodcraft is, how it can deceive you lol.... unlike some puzzles which tells you straight away where it is supposed to be tweaked, you can't tell with this one. All the places are cleverly hidden, making you think that it is inflexible and fixed. So, you gotta do some investigation first and think further. haha..."
What's this?: Lot of 3 Wooden, hand carved jewelry box with a hidden lock, key and a mobile mirror. The box can be opened in 9 steps. The last step uncover a second hidden compartment. See the videos for detailed instructions.

Uses: Jewelry Box, Decorative trinket box, Puzzle Box, Children stash box or diversion safe

Size: 6 x 5 x 3 inch (15.5 x 10.5 x 8 cm)
Origin: Kalotaszeg, Transylvania
Shipping: International Airmail with USPS/Canada Post tracking numbers.

The maker of the box:

75 years old László 'Kossuth' Antal is my grandfather. He
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