Lot of Vintage Lego MindStorms Items * Robotics *

NO international bidders.


This is a lot of

Vintage Lego MindStorms Items.

They are shown in the various photos.

The yellow brick is model RCX 1.0 .

All the battery compartments in the various units are clean (NO batteries in this auction).

The Brick and the White and Grey Motorized Control were tested with batteries. Both powered up fine.

The Brick came on with a double beep and displayed the profile of a person and the number 1. The number would increase by one up to 5 each time the Prgm Buton was pressed. When the Run Button was pressed the Brick would beep twice and the person pictured in profile would look appear in a walk stance. Pressing the View Button did nothing as far as noise or screen display.

The White and Grey Motorized Controller beeps twice and shows 3 small dashed when turned on. Each press of the Select Button changes the number from 1 to 7 with the letter P after the seven.

Pressing the RUN causes the following actions:

Number 1) It makes a number of sounds and then the motor spins for several seconds then stops. Automatically makes a number of sounds and the motor spins again. It repeats this operation continually.

Number 2) Same as above except this
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