Lot of Vintage Lionel O27 Guage Scale Track and Other Accessories

ok, first of all, i know nothing about toy trains. what i do know is how my father (a full grown philadelphia poilce officer) would come home after the night shift and sneek into the basement, put on his engineers hat and make wooo---wooo sounds until the morning light (i think there was alot of stress being a cop and he needed to relieve it thru drinking and trains) i never understood the facination.

well, Dad is gone now and i just discovered this box of track and other parts downstairs. (the bulk of his trains went to my other brother when he passed away in june, little SH**,that he is....Dad always liked him better, this should prove to be a very intresting Thaknsgiving, i invision,,,,hey Paul, "pass the taters" as i reach past his chin and "accidently" scrape it with my knuckles. then my mom will be all in tears and ill have to leave again, just like last year. well ,last year i was accused of being Drunk (just like dear ole dad) and "picking" on my brother by my Mom, and i said "well Mom, im not drunk enough to kick his Ass, (again, just like dear ole dad)..and that reminds me that little wanker never got me a birthday present, and,,,and,,,, and...oh yea,,,,,sorry, your still looking at my train auction...

well, the lot includes

14 curved tracks

10 straight tracks (unlike my brother) 8 short
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