Full size 84" in length and 48" in height 3 grommets are still on the flag. Mobil vintage winged Pegasus horse flag was first posted at every Mobil gas station in 1967. This flag is in excellent condition considering the age.. No holes, tares, snags or rips... Made by Faber (Amsterdam). Also included in this lot is a ship in a bottel, but inside the ship is made of Mobil business cards. 4 Mobil coffees mugs (never opened) , 2 Mobil wine glasses, a Mobil patch, 2 Mobil bags, 1 Mobil pin, 2 Mobil pins with a raving car, 1 Mobil golf club, 2 Mobil golfers hats, 2 Mobil baseball cap style hats, 1 Mobil key chain and yhere might even be more... Also vintage photos of a old Mobil gas Station. Thid is an absolutely great collection. Everything is in excellent condition and almost everything has never been used. This would be a great addition to any collector's collection!!! Pay pal only. Buyer pays for shipping (to be determined). Any questions please feel free to email me. Thanks for looking. You can always make me a offer.

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