Lot 2 Vintage Robots Wind Up TARHEEL INDUSTRIES JAPAN /Unknown Tin Walking WORKS

The green robot is a 1970's era vintage toy robot made in Japan by Tarheel Industries. Very cool piece, very indicative of vintage jananese robots and the colors real stick out on these things. The arms are missing and so is a silver piece that belongs under the torso section in the front. However it still works ok. It winds up and rolls and the silver part on the top of the head spins around. Needs a little push sometimes to get it to roll. See last picture to see it in action. These tarheel robots all have a very unique look and are very rare.
The yellow orange robot is made of tin and doesn't have any manufacturing makings or dates but appears to be a 70's or 80's copy of old 50's style tin Japanese robots. Very cool. Walks when you wind it up and works great. Dosent appear to be missing anything. Great set. Items ship within 24 hours of payment.

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