Lot of ( 2 ) Volkswagen Beetles + Plasticville O/S Ranch ( Glued )

If you win more than one auction, please wait to pay until I send you an invoice with the discounted combined shipping amount.

Just so you know in advance, First Class Parcels are limited to 13 ounces. So if the total boxed weight of your items is more than 13 ounces, only Priority Mail and Parcel Post options will be available for your combined purchase.

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This item is too heavy to mail by First Class Mail. The boxed shipping weight will be just under 1 pound.

This Lot consists of:

( 1 ) - Plasticville O/S ranch

Condition of Ranch: Glued sides, the chimney has been glued to the roof, the roof is removable. The 2 areas of black discoloration on the back of the ranch were just dirt that I cleaned-off after the pictures were taken.

( 2 ) - Volkswagen Beetles -

( 1 ) is maroon

( 1 ) is yellow

Both have a diecast body with plastic underframe and rubber wheels.

Both of them are what I think they call "push back" vehicles ..... meaning, that as you push them backwards, a spring on the rear axle winds-up and when you release the vehicle, it moves forward until all of the tension on the spring has been released.

Both vehicles are marked 1/43 scale. The name of the manufacturer
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