Lot Vtg Cufflinks Tie Clips Service Pins Fob Chains Military Bubble Glass

This auction is for this huge lot of mens jewelry Mostly vintage, there is a neat lot of reverse painted bubble glass tie clips and cufflinks. Horses fist, man, and sailboat. A couple show some wear, but the fish has amazing detail Lots of old service pins and some military pins Money clips, airline wing pinsBoy scout pins There are also lots of parts and single cufflinks in this lot. I believe all the little single knob cufflinks are gold plated. Some old single cufflinks Nice rhinestone Emilio Ponti cufflink and tie bar set There are many Swank Anson Hickok Hadley Tration Imitation Neat two-color gold plated cufflinks tie clip and part of a bracelet I think. The cufflinks with the red tips have a bunch of patent dates inside the back. The tie clips has some verdigreen. The bracelet or part of a fob has no clip or clasp Van Guard tie clip shaped like a grill 3 High school graduation charms Some of the service pin information includes: Hospital Service volunteer ABWA association pin 3 BETA or sorority pins, one is a chatalaine Enamel American Auxillary pin sterling Research medical center volunteer gold plated Independence regional health center volunteer enamel pin 5 year gold plate Old Pluribus unum charm with some verdigreen Veterans of foreign War pin North East High School pendant 1922 beautiful 2 RAY-Co-Meet pins dated
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