Old Lot Welsh Cymru Postcards Evan Thomas WW1 Dardanelles Military Medal S Wales

A Very Large Lot of 37 Colour Postcards & Real Photo Postcards relating to the Thomas family,of South Wales,Many of the Cards are written in Welsh,& hence the addresses are some of them in Welsh,but it looks like Glamorgan?..Featuring Many photos of the Family,including one of Evan Thomas's Mother Catherine,wearing the Military Medal,won by her son,who was killed in the Dardanelles.(1916).Other cards feature Cricket Team,Family Members,Houses,etc etc...Including a "Welcome Home to Mr & Mrs. de Rutzen ",..with wording,..-} " Long Life & Happiness",.( I think they were landowners)....All the Postcards have some wear/damage...These came into my possesion as a lot,a while ago..I thought it would be great if they could be returned/researched to any of their living relatives..& kept together.....One picture of a cottage has a plaque on it which reads,..}-." Built by Richard Morgan.A.D.1830".Would be great to know the Regiment Evan Thomas was in..Very interesting lot,with some nice messages/comments etc.