LOT 3 NEW Wood Dollhouse Furniture Kits Kitchen 2 Living Room Corona 1" Scale

Here we have a LOT of 3 NEW Wood Dollhouse Furniture Kits, 1 Kitchen & 2 Living Room. The kitchen set is by Corona and the living room sets are unbranded, they are 1" scale.
Thanks for taking a look.
*PLEASE READ* Please be 100% confident in your purchase before bidding . Review all of the information carefully and do research of your own on Google if necessary. I do not offer refunds or returns unless the item you received is completely incorrect from the one you purchased. The majority of the items I sell are used and old , this means they are not perfect and it's entirely possible you'll notice things about them I didn't. This circumstance does not warrant a refund or return and your purchase is an agreement to these terms .
*I do not accept offers*
*If your question about an item isn't answered please do not bid*
*If you're sensitive to molds, smells, pets, cigarette smoke ect. PLEASE DO NOT BID , in the years or decades before these items got to me I have no clue what they were exposed to*