Lot of Zeiss Ikon cameras in varying condition

Lot includes the following items:
(1) -- Zeiss Ikon Contina Prontor-SVS 45mm f/2.8 (no. 87723): Nice cosmetic shape, fires and advances but has issues at low shutter speeds, has only half leather case
(2) -- Zeiss Ikon Contessa (no. W8838 ) 45mm f/2.8: Nice cosmetic condition but seems to jam easily, full leather protective case (stitching is broken in the back)
(3) -- Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 50mm f/2.8: Needs work, consider for parts or repair
(4) -- Zeiss Ikon Contessa LBE Prontor 500 LK with 50mm f/2.8: Great cosmetic shape, seems to fire well across all speeds, includes full leather case
Please note: Item is sold as-is, no refunds or exchanges, please bid carefully! If you have any questions about the item, please inquire before winning the item. I will attempt to answer any questions prior to the auction's close. Prefer to ship with FedEx ground or overnight for domestic. Thank you!