lotof 6..Extra Nice...Lane Bryant ,Levi Plus size 18

This is one of my Favorite lot of 6....... these are mine, all shirts and pants are

new with out tags...... Both purses are pre-owed but really nice.....

you get in this lot. A shirt from lane Bryant size 14-16 red and black

I bought this, and when i got home I had picked up wrong size. I dont take things back, paid almost 50.00 for this one, really nice......

This shirt has tags still on it. black, size 18 again this is a lane Bryant shirt ..

this black shirt , is new without tags says 2x but to me runs a little smaller

ts a pair of levi strauss capri jeans size 18, new with out tags

Really cute.......I take Pride in all that I

list...hope you like