Lotter Drafting Set-Large and Unique

This is a large set of drafting instruments in a canvas covered wooden case measuring 14x9.5x2.25in. The greenish gray canvas has some staining on the top but the box is in otherwise good condition. T are the usual tools plus two railroad pens, a drop compass, and a unique "parallel" compass with extension arm. Lotter, the German maker, makes much of this on the printed flyer pictured. The pen or lead is always perpendicular to the paper with this device. Lotter also points out that the moveable arm compases and dividers use a toothed gearing system instead of the more conventional means of keeping the tool handle vertical. The set is missing a dotter and one of the small ink pen inserts is from a different maker. Some of the tools show dried ink remnants but all pieces are in good working order. The instrument tray lifts out with storage for other tools beneath. An unusual set. Mail cost post sale, no PayPal.