(Lottie Moon)China Baptist Missionary ALS,Shantung,1917

A touching 2 page 4to autograph letter signed, a letter of condolence on the death of her sister's children, dateline Laiyang (Shantung), June 2, 1917, of Elizabeth Hearn, daughter of Dr.T.O. Hearn, Baptist missionary-doctor who treated American missionary Lizzie Moon in the final stages of her illness. Moon buried herself in China's misfortunes, trying to help and no longer taking care of her needs. Her small cash reserves were gone. She gave and gave, not counting the cost to herself. She almost stopped eating. If others could not have food, neither would she. Her strength failed. Alarmed, young colleagues sent for medical help. Missionary nurse Jessie Pettigrew came from Hwanghsien, discovered and treated a large carbuncle at the base of Lottie's ear and took her home with her. Lottie dozed by day, tore her hair and refused to eat. Missionary doctors tried to help. Dr. Gaston, early in December, gave his diagnosis: She was starving herself to death. The doctors decided her only hope for survival was a voyage to America. As Dr. Hearn packed her in pillows for the long day's shentze ride to the coast, she sat up. "Just lay down, dear Miss Moon," he implored. The old, precise, literary Lottie Moon erupted. "I will not lay down, sir," she corrected. "I will lie down." Cynthia Miller, missionary nurse, went with Lottie, whose slight, ... read more