Lou Gehrig Babe Ruth Signed Negro League Ball PSA/DNA

Offered here is perhaps the rarest combination of signature and ball type ever seen at auction. A vintage circa 1927 era "Official League" Spalding baseball that is stamped " Made Especially for Nat Strong ", and signed by none other than Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth . This dual signed ball is penned in black by Gehrig on one side panel, and Ruth on the Sweet Spot. The signatures are barely legible(with the Gehrig much stronger than the Ruth), but I cannot overstate the historical significance(in baseball terms) of a dual Ruth & Gehrig exemplars on a Negro League ball made especially for Nat Strong. Although this may not be a super high-grade example, it is a very rare, authentic Lou Gehrig & Babe Ruth dual-signed baseball, and a Ruth/Gehrig combination is one of collecting's rarest and most desirable duets. And, scarcer still, is the baseball it self. Have only seen a handful that were made for specifically for Nat Strong, or had these types of stampings.

Nat Strong was a New York-based sportsman and served as an officer with the Brooklyn Royal Giants and the New York Black Yankees, the two leading black ballclubs in New York City, and wielded considerable power in black baseball. This ball was almost certainly given to Strong as a gift, then most probably, Strong had Gehrig and Ruth sign the orb on one of the Negro
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