Lou Gehrig Goudey Old Liberty Chewing Gum Tobacco Art Card…Extremely Rare

Extremely Limited Old Liberty Chewing Gum Cards This is an all new series of Art card that will be released a few each week.
Each card is shipped with a magnetic holder with a laser engraved insert protecting the card.
Old Liberty Trading Co.
The cards you see listed are hand crafted art cards inspired by designs from the early 20th century. These cards are not reprints. Instead they are masterpieces of nostalgic art.
History of the Old Liberty Art Card I have been an avid card collector for 30 years. I have invested thousands of dollars into cards that do not retain any value. Major card companies have turned opening a box of cards into scratching off an instant lottery ticket. A hundred dollar disappointment is easy to obtain in this hobby. After years of total disappointment from the major card companies, I decided to launch my own one of a kind art cards reflecting images from this hobby's roots.
Each card is carefully and painstakingly handcrafted through detailed digital rendering, hand assembly and finally careful distressing of the card. Each card is also catalogued with date of creation, card details, player/team etc. As with the original designs these cards will have advertisement variations, color variations, player poses etc. Each card is Shipped in a plastic protective case.